We have developed a different relationship with our home, that has become the main scenary of our lifes, a place where health and wellbeing are the most elements.


This new relationship with spaces has made decor trends to accelerate and to experience them in a more intense and closer way.


In Decotec, we have created a trend concept to analyze and face these trends with the way we live them.


We present Nexus: spaces to feel

Spaces to feel



These changed made us value more the spaces that we consider ours, both outside and inside home.


In our home, we surround ourselves not only with habitable spaces, but also  with lived and felt spaces.


Ultimateley, spaces that help our wellbeing.

This way of understanding our relationship with spaces is built on three main concepts:

Multifunctional spaces that are part of ourselves



When we look around, we seek elements that connect with our memory, what we are and where we come from. Familiar materials and objetcs with imperfections that make them unique and special.


Almost without realizing, the colors, shapes and decoration of a room talk about us and let go scraps of our personality.


Each part of our home is the reflection of our world, that shows us as we are and, at the same time, allow us to be as we are.



After all this time away from the outside, we need to get out, breath and merge with nature.


We find that connection in places where natural is the protagonist: a path in the forest, the tree we see from our window or our garden.


Also inside our homes, where we seek elements that reinforce our connection with the exterior.


That is why nature has gained spaces outside and inside our homes, and we are more conscious of what it means.

Hybrid spaces that blur the frontier between the inside and the outside

Spaces to relax and find ourselves 



Now more than ever, we need to find time to relax, repair and concentrate in ourselves.


That is why, our home has become a shelter in which we isolate from “exterior noise” and move away from everything that surrounds us.


Spots that are our small sanctuaries, where the essential reigns and where objects and surfaces reveal their essence and allow us to connect with our interior to take care of ourselves.


Spaces free of unnecessary ornaments where we find the physic and emotional wellbeing that allow us to build our relationship with the exterior a face the everyday challenges.