Environmental Declaration

Environmental Declaration

The Management of Decotec Printing develops and establishes the Company Environmental Policy, which means all general guidelines and objectives that guide its activities in relation to protecting the Environment, through the following commitments:

  • Complying with legal environmental requirements and all other requirements applicable to it.
  • Maintaining continual improvement by establishing objectives and targets and through systematic, periodic environmental evaluation of the Management System.
  • Promoting activities to prevent pollution on an ongoing basis and establishing objectives to progressively reduce emissions and the discharge of materials into the environment, particularly by applying the best available techniques, when this is economically and technically viable.
  • Adopting the necessary measures to prevent environmental risks, especially serious accidents, and limiting their effects on the environment.
  • Increasing the use of paper produced from wood from well-managed forestry businesses; complying with PEFC/FSC® requirements in the custody chain of the certified raw materials consumed at Decotec; and fostering collaboration with suppliers that can guarantee their custody chains as regards the origin of the wood used as a raw material in their industrial processes, which should come from that type of well-managed forestry business.
  • Encouraging staff awareness and training at all levels, promoting a higher level of sensitivity, responsibility and awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment, through internal and external training.
  • Maintaining transparent internal and external environmental communication channels, establishing a cooperative relationship with the authorities and an open dialogue with interested parties and the public. Decotec Printing undertakes to comply with Section 9: Social, health and safety requirements in chain of custody, of new INTERNATIONAL STANDARD PEFC ST 2002:2013.

The Management of Decotec Printing ensures that the Environmental Policy is understood, implemented, kept up-to-date, shared with employees and available to the public.
The Management of Decotec Printing approves and reviews this policy, which serves as a basis for developing environmental objectives and targets, in order to ensure continual adaptation in relation to changing circumstances and provide the necessary means and resources to do this.


Certificate FSC®

Certificate PEFC™

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