Four trends that define the materials at our home

Now that our home has become a place to take care of ourselves and improve our physical and emotional wellbeing, we are more conscious of the materials that decorate the space, and their influence on our emotions.


The need to bring health to the center of our life has made us pay more attention to the way we decorate our residence.


In the following article we discuss some of the trends that talk about the materials and objects that create the spaces around us.


Biophilic connection


It is becoming more and more common to find homes featuring hybrid spaces, that prioritize organic materials like wood or linen, and where the indoors and the outdoors come together as one.


In this line, hues help the space to reinforce the bond with the exterior. That is why we combine earth colors, blues or green tones with deep textures and designs that boost the organic details of the material.

Function of the space


Flexibility is one of our new main priorities at home. We create the spaces based in their function and the way we delimit them answers to the use we want to make of them.


That is why, both for flooring and vertical surfaces, the combination of materials we choose is key to create multifunctional spaces that adapt to our needs.


Intergenerational gap


Materials and surfaces that surround us are the reflection of our personality, and our origins. Our preferences change according to our personal experiences.


Clearer hues, that bring light and vivacity, are the preferred ones by the younger generations. Meanwhile, darker tones, that go deeper and have a more defined personality, are the chosen ones by older generations.

The local value


The consequences of climate change and the management of natural resources in last years, or the recent issues with the global supply chain, have made local materials to recover a main place in many spaces.


We seek to decorate with woods and stones from our region, like the oak, typical in the north of Spain, or the Mares stone, from Mallorca, to create familiar spaces that connect us to our roots.


In the upcoming articles we will go over each of these trends in depth.

Stay tuned!