Salone del Mobile 2022: a sea of inspiration

Inspiration Tendencias ·

After two years, coming back to the Salone del Mobile in Milan was for the Decotec team like getting back home after a long absence.


We met with old friends, made new acquittances and, above all, we were able to plunge into the latest trends within the interior design world.


These are our main takeaways from the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile.


Organic materials


Once again, it was confirmed the success of the marriage between Stone and wood, ubiquitous across all the exhibition.


Other organic materials such as textiles, concrete or ceramics had their own place as well, especially supporting ambiences that seek to connect the outdoors and the indoors.

This Salone showcased a wide range of marbles with busy veins that provided personality to the material.

Searching to connect with nature, the main hues were whites, greens and blues, along the terracotta and earthy tones.

Be it an oak or a walnut, the wood standed out for its fluted design, present in most of the installations, the verticality of its lines and the darker hues.


Once again, the Salone demonstrated that this material is able to fill with luxury any room.

We also saw Woods with medium hues and an organic feel, like our design Salenca. In more intimate spaces, such as the bathroom, they create a direct bond with nature that helps to improve sensations of relax and wellbeing.

A different form to introduce ourselves


The use of various materials included an ample range of finishings, boosting the metallized surfaces and unicolors mixed with wood and stone.

All this combined with geometrical patterns and curvy designs, both in the shape of furniture and the decorative objects.

Seeking for the essential


The exhibitors chose wellbeing to reflect the essence of materials in minimal spaces decorated with art pieces that created personalized ambiences.

These feelings of calmness and tranquility were reflected as well through the Japanese influence in many spaces.

Now that our home has become a shelter, we seek spaces that provide security, comfort, and protection.


Milan answered this need through installations that tended to have a cavernous feel, allowing us to find calmness and connect with ourselves.